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untitledProctrastination. Pro. Cras. Tin. Ation. To procrastinate. hmm…. “To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness.” or “postpone doing what one should be doing”

I have the house to myself this evening and a list of jobs so long that I could turn it into wallpaper and use it to redecorate the living room. Especially as that would help put off doing the jobs that I need to do. I am meant to have finished wrapping the Christmas presents that have been sat on the table for a week, I was meant to do laundry, hoover the floor and rug, wash up, put the ironing board away, and, most of all, I was meant to write a blog. But I’ve been thinking about things to blog on all week and keep coming up blank.

I toyed with the idea of blogging on the Google 2008 Zeitgeist – maybe something about Heath Ledger beating Barack Obama in the most searched for list, or how creepy I find the Jonas Brothers.

Then I considered writing about the plans to hide cigarettes from view in shops – to make them “under the counter” goods so that they would be out of site, out of mind for kids. The comment on that would have been something along the lines of “how @£$^ing stupid. Since when has making something forbidden, mysterious and hidden made it LESS appealing to children and teenagers? If you want to stop people smoking make it illegal for parents to smoke in front of their children, and make sure that only tramps and really ugly people are seen to do it. Then increase the tax on cigarettes 200%. some of those measures might help. Also, you could run an ad campaign to make kids terrified that their mum will die of smoking…. oh, yeah, done that one…”

I love the new “Frank” advert with David Mitchell’s voice over and thought about writing something about that, but could really only come up with “good advert” and “poor dog” and “glad that was never my cup of tea”.

This morning I saw a story about the British postie being asked to walk faster on their rounds to get the Christmas post delivered quicker. It must have been a slow news day I think because the BBC dedicated really far too much time to this non-story. To the point where they managed to create some footage which really lost the posties any sympathy I might have had. The footage was of a postman wheeling a trolly full of letters from door to door. The problem was that the ‘between door’ part was the same bit of street each time. My immediate thought was that, nevermind speeding up their pace, they could get more delivered if they didn’t spend all day walking back and forth along the same 5 metre stretch. stooooopid.

So. Here we are. and I still can’t think of anything to write about. Oh.


I know, I know, it’s not even December yet, I shouldn’t be talking about Christmas shopping yet, but I felt compelled to comment on a story I’ve just read on the BBC website. According to this story, Deloitte is ‘suggesting’ that consumers are “planning to spend 7% less this Christmas than they did last year”. 

I take issue with this story on a number of counts:

1) Bloody media and analysts and their bloody scaremongering are NOT helping the economy.

2) I don’t have the vaguest idea what I spent on Christmas pressies last year and

3) even if I did know, I’m certain I wouldn’t bother to sit down and work out how much 7% of that would be so that I could ‘plan’ to spend that much less! 

I expect I will, as usual, buy presents on impulse as and when I see things that I think people will like and pay absolutely no attention to how much I’m spending right up until the point where the cashpoint starts laughing at me…


Hurrah! deck the halls!

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