I know, I know, it’s not even December yet, I shouldn’t be talking about Christmas shopping yet, but I felt compelled to comment on a story I’ve just read on the BBC website. According to this story, Deloitte is ‘suggesting’ that consumers are “planning to spend 7% less this Christmas than they did last year”. 

I take issue with this story on a number of counts:

1) Bloody media and analysts and their bloody scaremongering are NOT helping the economy.

2) I don’t have the vaguest idea what I spent on Christmas pressies last year and

3) even if I did know, I’m certain I wouldn’t bother to sit down and work out how much 7% of that would be so that I could ‘plan’ to spend that much less! 

I expect I will, as usual, buy presents on impulse as and when I see things that I think people will like and pay absolutely no attention to how much I’m spending right up until the point where the cashpoint starts laughing at me…


Hurrah! deck the halls!